Need a professional painter near you? We have services catered to every budget.

Blooms is the first to launch hourly rated service for micro jobs.

Buy Our Painting Skills

You provide paint, we provide everything else.

  • Just a small area to touch up, book our hourly rated service.
  • Impromptu changes to paint areas, no issue. We charge based on actual time use. It can be fee reduction, when you decide to scale down the job, or hour extension if you need to add more areas.
Painting Projects

For whole house painting, inclusive of plastering & paint materials.

  • Book us for a free house survey. Our paint supervisor will understand your needs and Company will quote a competitive price in 1-3 days.
  • Booking through Blooms, you’re dealing with a Company. There will be accountability and should you need to locate us after completion of project.

Our crews are all qualified painters. Every Order can be tracked.

  • Price transparency.
  • You get instant appointment confirmation, booking through our calendar.
  • Our crews customize their work process to your demands, and do not rush through work, but commit to quality of work.


For Residential, Office, Shops to Factories.
The first 24/7, instant booking confirmation app.


Minor works to whole property project wiring.
Book a free survey from our Calendar.


Grass Cutting, Manual Weeding, Shrub Trimming, Re-potting and more …
Take control of your time. You decide when we come. Book us from the App Calendar.


Small few-tile-fixes to whole house flooring renovation project.
There is a budget for every home owner.
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